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Music lessons / Guitar lessons / Bass lessons / Drum lessons / Piano lessons, Keyboard lessons / Music production lessons / Songwriting lessons 
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03 studio

Reaper 6, Ableton 10, Maschine

DESK A (16-channel):
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Behringer ADA8200 ADAT
N.I. Maschine Studio

i7 4790k 3.6ghz
Windows 7 64-bit
GTX 1660 Super

DESK B (4-channel):
Presonus Eris 3.5
Novation SL MK3 (61-key)
N.I. Maschine MK3

i7 2820 2.4ghz
32GB RAM     

Windows 7 64-bit


AKG C2000B
Electro-Voice N/D 767a
Saramonic Blink 500 Pro wireless

Fender Telecaster (MIM 2003)
Agile Les Paul (MIK 2011)
Yamaha acoustic/electric (MIJ 1999)
Martin acoustic/electric (MIM 2012)
Fender Jazz Bass (MIM 2004)

Strymon Big Sky
Source Audio Nemesis
EHX Grand Canyon
Vox Delaylab
EHX Freeze
Digitech Jamman Stereo
Ibanez DE-7 analog echo/delay
Zoom G3 multi-fx
Zoom G1on multi-fx
Novation Launchpad Pro
Arturia Keystep 37
Arturia Beatstep
Maschine JAM
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini MK3
Akai MPD218
Elektron Model:Samples
Behringer TD-3
Yamaha Reface CP
Pioneer DDJ-400
Reloop SPIN
various plugin instruments & effects




Musician / Music Production / Licensing


  • 1994 to 1999
    Released several cassette tapes and a CD, independently as part of the bands Triage, Panacea, Downside, and finally, Down Inside. During this time, opened for Overkill, Stuck Mojo, Clutch, and GWAR, and played a few shows with Twisted Method (Universal Records).

  • 2000
    Established Monochrome Vision Records, a tiny independent record label

  • 2002
    Released debut self-titled Beauty’s Confusion EP.

  • 2003
    Licensed music from Beauty’s Confusion, for Michael W. Dean’s book/CD-ROM combo $30 Music School.

  • 2004
    Released debut Beauty’s Confusion full-length album Breathe In

  • 2005 summer
    Licensed music from Beauty’s Confusion (song: “Burning World”) through Rom DiPrisco / Bitstream Dream for Xbox360 game Full Auto.

  • 2005 autumn
    Licensed music from Beauty’s Confusion (song: “Who Am I”, “Unchange”) through Rom DiPrisco / Bitstream Dream for CBS television show NCIS.

  • 2005 autumn/winter
    Licensed music from Beauty’s Confusion (songs: “Windmills”) through Rom DiPrisco / Bitstream Dream for The Oprah Winfrey Show (episode featuring Susan Sarandon)

  • 2005
    Remixed tracks by Sarah Fimm and Lunascape (as Beauty’s Confusion).

  • 2006
    Retired Monochrome Vision Records due to a copyright dispute. Established Ousted Records, a small, independent record label collective that has sold and distributed physical and digital music, worldwide.

  • 2006
    Released Someday We’ll Meet Somewhere (as The Autumn Skylight)

  • 2007
    Remixed “Motherless Child” by Lovespirals (as Chris Caulder)

  • 2007
    Remixed tracks by Buck 65 and East Hundred (as Chris Caulder)

  • 2007
    Licensed music from Beauty’s Confusion, for Michael W. Dean’s documentary It/ll Be Better Tomorrow (about legendary writer Hubert Selby, Jr, who was alive at the time of filming, and is featured prominently in the documentary, as well as interviews with Lou Reed, Jared Leto, Ellen Burstyn, and more. Narrated by Robert Downey, Jr.).

  • 2007
    Hired by Blaine Graboyes / Blaine Global to produce three theme music instrumentals for Xbox360 web video series/news show.

  • 2007
    Released EP as The Borough (with Joe Simek and Brad Baker)

  • 2008
    Released Sound Sensitive EP (with Lisa Kowalew, as Sunburst Carrier)

  • 2009
    Released instrumental trip-hop album Dialogue (as Brinsley).

  • 2009
    Released Beauty’s Confusion remix album.

  • 2009
    Released breakbeat/techno album (as Radialoptic).

  • 2010
    Released ambient album (as Awake By Starlight)

  • 2011
    Began uploading music performances on YouTube

  • 2013
    Released All The Fading Stars (as Vertical Interval)
    Released Alpha State (with Ego HimSelf, as The Boring Extraordinary)

  • 2015
    Released 10 At Once (instrumental solo album, as Chris Caulder)

  • 2016
    Released EP #1 (with Cait Kellagher, as Tentative Plans)
    Released Fall Apart EP (with Jen McGrath, as Icicle Sound)

  • 2017
    Released Hard to Breathe EP (Icicle Sound)
    Released Swept Away EP (Icicle Sound)
    Released Still EP (with Cait Kellagher, as Tentative Plans)

  • 2017
    Released Instrumental Pieces Inspired By Film, Volume 1 (as Chris Caulder)

  • 2017 March
    Signed multi-band licensing deal with Mother West (New York City).

  • 2017 September
    Tentative Plans song “Getting Out Alive” featured on “DIY For Houston: Volume 1” benefit album, for Houston flood. Every penny from album sales went to Houston relief efforts.

  • 2017 September
    “Books Never Read” (as Boy In The Background) featured on “DIY For Houston: Volume 3” benefit album, for Houston flood. Every penny from album sales went to Houston relief efforts.

  • 2018/2019
    Featured on various releases by Telyscopes as drummer/pianist. Also helped Telyscopes with several music videos.

  • 2020-2021
    Began recording/producing debut EP for local Philly singer/songwriter Morgan Alexa, featuring Rory Miller. Pandemic put the project on hold, but there is an EP coming in 2022/2023.

  • 2022
    In process of releasing nearly 250 solo original songs (via Spotify, YouTube, and through

Author / Technical Editor (2000-present)


  • 2000-2002
    Self-published seven books of journalistic poetry/free verse, under the name “Skip Frederiksen / Planet Isolation Publications” (Fist To Kiss, Wrong Side Of The Bed, Invisible, Deadbeat., Pretty, Sensitive Bastard, 56 Weeks In Hell), distributed locally in Fort Myers, FL and worldwide sales through the internet. Books were “photocopied, fold-and-staple”, completely no-budget books that were a hit, locally and through the web.

  • 2003
    Interviewed and contributed a chapter for Michael W. Dean’s book $30 Music School (Course Technology PTR). Credited as “Skip Frederiksen.” Former band Beauty’s Confusion featured prominently in the section about electronic music production.

  • 2006
    Technical Editor for Michael W. Dean’s book $30 Film School: 2nd Edition (Course Technology PTR). Two original short films “Found” and “Like A Tree” featured on the accompanying DVD.

  • 2006-2007
    Co-writer and Technical Editor for DIY Digital Music NOW! book (Course Technology PTR), written by Michael W. Dean and Chris Caulder. Book unfortunately never came out due to corporate downsizing, but the chapters/files were released publicly, under a Creative Commons License in 2007.

  • 2008
    Technical Editor for Myspace Marketing (QUE Publishing, 2008) by Sean Percival.

  • 2009
    Technical Editor for Michael W. Dean and Alan Lastufka’s (DFTBA Records) book YouTube: An Insider’s Guide To Climbing The Charts (2009, O’Reilly Publishing).

  • 2016
    Self-published first-edition paperback of Writings: Volume 1 (175 pages). To be re-released in late 2022.

  • 2017 July
    Published stripped-down version of songwriting reference book entitled Songwriting: Straight To The Point.
    Full, final book (and audio/video series) coming 2023.

  • 2021 March
    Compiling works for Writings: Volume 2  (252 pages)
    to be released in 2022.

  • 2021 April
    Compiling works for Writings: Volume 3
    to be released late 2022/early 2023.

  • 2021 May
    Compiling works for Writings: Volume 4
    to be released late 2022/early 2023.

  • 2021 June
    Compiling works for Time Is Ruthless: Collected Writing 1990-2017.
    to be released late 2022/early 2023.

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